Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The History And Symbolism Of Gargoyles Unique Wedding Rings By 3 Rexes Jewelry

.925 sterling silver gargoyle ring by 3 Rexes Jewelry
silver gargoyle ring unique wedding ringWhen you think of the beauty of the Middle-Ages, so many things come to mind. I think of the amazing architecture, and amazing creativity of the stone and mason work that were such a beautiful accent in the castles and churches. How everything was unique, one of a kind. One such item that has intrigued me for many years was the use of Gargoyles. With a little research, I think I have found some answers to the inquiry. 

Gargoyles came into gothic architecture in the early 13th century and are defined as a waterspout, projecting from an upper part of a building or a roof gutter to throw water clear of walls or foundations. The origins of the word 'gargoyle' are derived from the old French word 'gargouille' meaning throat. This describes the gurgling sound of the rushing water through the open mouth of the Gargoyle. In Architectural terms only the creature serving as actual water spout is called a Gargoyle, otherwise is it known as a Grotesque. A Grotesque may function solely as decoration.

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gargoyle ring with flames Gargoyles were usually carved in the form of a grotesque face, or frightening creature perched upon a rooftop. Gargoyles might depict such forms as ugly human faces, animals, Mythical creatures, imaginary creatures and they may also be a combination of several different forms. The materials used to create the earliest Gargoyles were made of wood or even terracotta, but early Medieval Gothic were made of stone. These frightening, grotesque sculptures are most often associated with Medieval churches and Cathedrals. Gargoyles were used to graphically depict pure evil. They were often so hideous that one could only imagine them in their worst nightmares. The ideas of these sculptures were often taken from mythology, folklore and images from Pagan religions. They were used to teach that evil is everywhere, yet the church was always a sanctuary against the demons and temptations.

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gargoyle necklace
dark brass gargoyle ring by 3 Rexes Jewelry

dark gargoyle ring unique mens wedding ringGargoyles were also used to great effect in English Gothic Castles. Gargoyles are frightening and intimidating sculptures and therefore embraced by English lords to cause fear and intimidation on the general population of their kingdoms. The purpose of the gargoyle was as “guardians” of the building. It was used to repel evil. With its wide open mouth was symbolic of devouring giants and intruders meaning harm to the castle.
With the thousands upon thousands of gargoyles that are still looking down upon us, the amazing designs were created from only imagination. Each stone carver and mason, could conjure any creature they could imagine. But one thing rings true, gargoyles were meant to protect and secure us. Keep us away from evil, away from harm. Gargoyles: (guest blogger: Kathie Hayes) silver gargoyle ring unique mens wedding ring.925 sterling silver gargoyle ring by 3 Rexes Jewelry