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Topaz: December’s Mystical Birthstone | SIlver Wedding Rings For Celtic And Gothic Ceremonies

mens celtic knot wedding ring soul love with december blue topaz stone sterling silverTopaz: December’s Mystical Birthstone
Here at, we not only embrace the beautiful craftsmanship of the past. Our designs are rich in historical traditions. Our goal is to bring the beauty and uniqueness within reach of anyone. With so many styles and options to choose from, let’s start with the rich tones of December’s birthstone, Topaz.

December is just the beginning of a wonderfully magical time of the year. With the crispness in the air and the peacefulness of the gentle slumber that nature brings. As the fauna sleeps and the frost begins to blanket the hills, we celebrate the mystical powers of December’s birthstone, crystal blue shades of topaz. Although the cool shades of topaz are reminiscent of the crisp winter season, most of those born in this month are said to not only be tender and kind, but nurturing and patient. Perhaps this is why topaz has become December’s birthstone healing properties.

The word “topaz” is believed to derive from the Sanskrit word “tapas,” which can mean fire, heat, and passion. For centuries, topaz stones have been used in Celtic wedding ceremonies. It was believed that the powers of the stone ensured the long, prosperous and stable homestead. It also was thought to ensure happiness and love to the betrothed.

Others believe “topaz” comes from the Greek word “topazos,” which means “to search. Many people use alternative medicine in the form of healing crystals and blue topaz has its own list of perceived health benefits. Long before “organized medicine”, many turned to a more holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. The is such a broad spectrum of benefits such as regulating heart function, glandular problems, improved eyesight, decreased headaches, ease arthritis pain, and ease anxiety and depression. A strong belief in the natural healing powers of nature and faith combined, enhance the complete wellness of both body and soul.
mens celtic knot wedding ring with december blue topaz stone sterling silverBesides the health benefits, there are also more spiritual benefits. In the mystical times of the Shakespearian period of great literary masterpieces, the blue topaz was also referred to as “The Writer’s Stone”.  Blue Topaz stones will heighten your ability to communicate better, and to express yourself in a more clear and confident form. It is a helpful stone if you have been having difficulties with public speaking. It may also assist you to think better and to concentrate on the task undertaken. It will also help you to decide what type of employment you wish to be in, and has a vibration that allows you to make clearer and more specific decisions about the direction you wish to take your life. It aids you to discuss your life path with those dearest to you, as it helps you to clearly express your hopes and wishes. It will help you to speak clearly and to communicate what comes through from spirit, in a manner that others can clearly understand. Centuries later, this era is still praised as perhaps the most creatively captured chapter in literary history.
The beauty of topaz has been so instrumental in our culture; such inspirational meanings and such a positive influence in our pursuit of enlightenment. With the belief of powers stronger than ourselves we can achieve tranquility, prosperity, love and wellness. I personally find comfort that beliefs and positivity can build a strong foundation for a life of serenity.

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