Friday, October 30, 2009

The Keeper Gargoyle and Cross Gothic Necklace

From my "Nocturnal" Collection. I Designed the Keeper Gargoyle for any Goth, Rebel or Rock Star with that Darker Mystical Style.

 silver gargoyle necklace

  silver gargoyle necklace detail

 silver gargoyle necklace

 silver gargoyle necklace
MY INFLUENCE... THE GARGOYLE! In the Middle ages, Evil represented the worst enemy of the Christian religion. Therefore, it was imperative to repel "Evil" from its Holy churches. Enter the GARGOYLE... whose duty was to repel all evil spirits and demonic beings, causing them to flee. They were known as the the "Keepers of Good"! Their horrific expressions were visible to remind heretics, non Christians, and God’s enemies that divine protection was enforced on the Holy structures that they were attempting to approach. It was believed that a gargoyle would holler when evil wizards, magicians or demons approached, whether they were visible or invisible. In my opinion, I consider the Gargoyle synonymous to a Spiritual watch dog... and here he is!

Fully articulated! The pendant alone is made from 5 separate parts.

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