Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Empress Vampire Silver Ring

The "EMPRESS COLLECTION" Heavy and ornate, the EMPRESS rings with black onyx and amber centerpieces, invoke a ROMANTIC and CLASSICAL style. Inspired by the opulence, music & art of the Baroque era (17th & mid 18th century), these rings are a collector's dream!
The Empress Vampire Silver Ring Amber Stone

The Empress Vampire Silver Rings with black onyx amber stone

The Empress Vampire Silver wedding Ring gothic black onyx

The Empress Vampire Silver Ring gothic black onyx on model

ABOUT BLACK ONYX is a gemstone that is known to help clarify intuitive wisdom - It can help you find and focus on your "true path" and help to safely, confidently & successfully walk that path. It has been used to stimulate the powers of wise decision making and to encourage happiness and good fortune

ABOUT AMBER Amber has an uplifting spiritual quality with a soft warm feel, and is believed to help one to be joyful and happy as it lightens the burdens of life. In astrology, it is the birthstone of the Taurus and Leo Zodiac signs.

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